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Clash of Magic APK is a private server of COC. It is for those, who want to customize the characters in games. In this server, all features are unlocked.
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June 28, 2021
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Clash of Magic – Are you Clash of Clan lover? Then you must be aware that you can’t play this game with full freedom. Almost every player disappoint in not being played with full controls. Sometimes, we want to quickly complete the levels because of some reasons but having no resources, we are unable to do it.

In the end, we become disappointed and fed up with COL game. As we all know as our level increases, the gaming strategy becomes hard. At higher levels, it is hard to complete the stages in a short time. In short, a Clash of Clans lover has to face many problems because of gaming rules.

Do you want to get rid of all these problems?

If yes, then you’ll read this whole guide because this post is going to change your gaming life.

clash of magic

Clash of Magic

Have you ever heard about Clash of Clans Private Servers? Or do you know what they actually do? If you are hearing them for the 1st time then let me tell you that these servers give you freedom in COC game. Yes, that’s true. Clash of Magic APK is one of the best private servers that provide you unlimited free resources. These private servers are basically the clash of clans modes and I think you all know about mod versions.

As we know that this COC is a very strategic game, which means you have to build a strong Strategy to play it. Therefore there are servers available for you instead of modes. These servers are private therefore they can’t be removed by the official developers. If you play this game with Clash of Magic, then you’ll realize that the speed is fast from the original game. That’s the power of a private server. Now you’re thinking about what you’ll get after using these servers? You can get free unlimited dark elixir and gold elixir. In short, every single resource will be unlocked for you automatically.

The story is not ending yet because another amazing feature is waiting for you.

You’ll be happy to know that you can easily customize the COC characters with the clash of the magic servers. These features take the private servers to the next level and they are easier to play the official game because there you have to stay in limit.

Clash of Magic Launcher

Clash of Magic Launcher is one of the most amazing handy tools for COC game. This magic launcher helps you to get free resources in your account. This launcher works like a bomb. If you launch the bomb, your account will be boom with unlimited stuff. So, if you are going to use COM, then make sure you have this launcher in your mobile, computer, or laptop because this file is a must. Basically, you can get this launcher with the servers and this file will automatically install with the game. But in old versions, people had to download this file themselves but now in the latest version, this file directly comes with the game. This Clash of Magic Launcher is an amazing tool and considered the best tool for the COC game. Because of this file, the game works best. I mean to say the game graphics and other controls work fine with it.

Clash of Magic APK Features

Let’s talk about Clash of Magic features in detail. I am sure that you cannot control yourself after reading all the basic and major features of this amazing game. After this, the features will be clear to you and you’ll enjoy it.

  • Unlimited Gems are waiting for you
  • There are unlimited Gold available in this mod
  • The server and game speed is fast from the official game
  • You can customize all characters through servers
  • Free unlimited dark and gold elixir
  • Unlimited troops will give you thrill during the game

How to Download Clash of Magic APK?

Here comes the main part of which you are excited for. You can download all the Clash of Magic Private servers from here with just one click. You’ll be happy to know that all of these servers are updated and works well on every phone. No matter if you are using the old or new phone you can run your mod game smoothly. So, without wasting much time, let’s come to the point.

How to Install Private Servers?

The installing process is so simple even a kid can install these servers easily. Just follow the below step by step guide and you’ll know about the process.

  • Download your desired servers from the links.
  • Open the file from your file manager.
  • Click the app
  • Enable the “Allow apps from unknown sources” option.
  • Wait for few seconds.
  • Congratulations, your app is successfully installed.

Clash of Magic S1 (The Black Magic)

This is COM S1 server and it is called “The Black Magic”. Gamers named this server because of its specifications. You can free create custom characters, buildings and you can also get free unlimited resources from this server. You can download this private server for free from the below link.

Clash of Magic S2 (The Hall of Magic)

This is the 2nd server of Clash of Magic and also called “The Hall of Magic”. This server works the same as server 1. You can create free resources from using this. In case if server 1 is not working on your mobile then you can use this server and build custom houses and heroes. By clicking the below link, you can free download it on your smartphone.

Clash of Magic S3 (Power of Magic)

So, here is the 3rd server of COM APK for you. This server provides you unlimited gold and diamonds with just one click. This server is also called “Power of Magic” because this server boosts up the power of your resources. Click the below download button to get it on your mobile.

Clash of Magic S4 (Power of Magic 2)

You can say that this is the 4th server of Clash. Yes, it is a mod version of the original game but this server doesn’t provide you resources or anything else. You’ll see some differences but this is not like the other servers. In case if you don’t want to use resources and want to play the simple game then you can free download this from the bellow button.

How Private Servers Work?

Well, that’s a good question because it is everyone’s right to know about such a thing which they are going to use.

Basically, these private servers are created by some pro game lovers. These servers are not official. The hackers made a modded version of this COM and they created some servers. So every clash lover can easily play the game with unlimited resources.

In short, these servers are not legal but they are safe to use for everyone.

This is how private servers are working behind the scene. I hope your question will be clear and now you are able to tell others about the working method. You can tell anyone like your family, friends or colleagues.

Clash of Magic for Android

If you are using android devices and you are fond of COC game. Then you can try these servers on your mobile. I am sure you’ll never play this mod version game before. I can give guaranty that you’ll love it and soon you’ll addict to them.

Clash of Magic for IOS

As these servers are available for android users, how can the developers forget about IOS users? If you’re using IOS you also can free use these private servers on your mobile phone. A lot of IOS users also play this game. Enjoy by playing this hacked game.

Clash of Magic for PC

If you want to play this cool and interesting game on your computer, then you need software called “Blue Stack”. This software can run android apps on PC or laptop. After installing the software, you can download this game and can easily play it on PC. Some people play games on their PC because of big screens and buttons. Therefore in this smartphone era, people still prefer computers instead of mobiles.

How to Use COM Servers?

You just need to open the server and signup in for the game. Unlimited resources will automatically add to your account. Now you can easily play the game and enjoy the game. The graphics are so high quality that will provide you a better experience during the gameplay. The sound quality is also amazing and you’ll experience a thrilling sound during the whole gameplay.

You’ll definitely forget about the original Clash of Clans after playing this one. That’s why these servers are trending high right now and everyone wants to play them instead of the original game. You can also try them out and take many benefits as you can.

Why you’ll Use These Servers?

The answer is because of freedom. If you want to play your favorite game with full freedom and control and you have the option available to do it then why you’ll not get the opportunity? It takes you a lot of time and energy to complete the levels with no resources. Because of this problem, many players fed up playing the game. So, if you’re fed up playing this COC with rules, then you have to do this step and move to the COM servers. I assure you that this will be worth it for you.

No Root Needed

Some people think that they need to root their android phones to play this amazing game. But keep in mind that you don’t need any root for playing this game. In my view, it’ll be very good news for all android users. So, start playing it right now without wasting your much time and energy.

Everyone can be fed up with using old methods to play games. So, you all should try something new and unique which will evaluate you and your precious time and energy. These servers are providing value to all clash lovers.

FAQ’s Section

How to Update COM APK?

You can download the latest version from this site because we update the servers regularly.

Can COM Works in Old Smart Phones?

Yes, definitely you can use these servers in any version of your android and IOS. But in my view, it’ll be better to use the latest smartphones.

How to Download COM?

You can free download all the servers from this site with just one click.

How to Play COM?

The same way as you play the original game. The only difference will be that you have unlimited resources available in mod versions.

Is COM Harmful?

No, they are not harmful. Your account will be 100% safe and secure with these servers.

Is COM Legal?

Well, as this COM is not the property of official developers. So, this game is not legal but you can use it anyway.



After compiling all the features and major points, it is clear that these Clash of Magic servers are next-level servers. These servers can change the whole COC gaming strategy. You can play this game even more easily and without any rules. I hope you’ll love this detailed guide where we discussed every single element of the game step by step. There are a lot of versions available of this game but I suggest you just download the latest one because it comes with great and extra features from the older ones. And the other reason is that the new version always free from bugs that can interrupt your game.

So, it is necessary for all of you to just use an updated version of any app. In this way, you can save your mobile and its software because sometimes with app bugs, smartphone software may crash. If you don’t want to crash your software, then just go for the updated apps. You can contact us in the comment section if you still have any problems. You can also share this post with others so they can also take benefits from it.

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