HBO has canceled Westworld, the science fiction show based on a mechanical amusement park.

The Hollywood Journalist considers it an "startling destiny" for the series given it has been widely praised for the organization.

However the show's makers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Bliss have been questionable on whether Westworld would try and return following the fourth season finale.

Nolan recently said that he and Euphoria are "in discussions with the organization," and would "a lot of trust" to make the fifth — and evidently last — season of the series.

Unfortunately, the retraction implies that the fourth season finale will act as the finish of the series, leaving the destiny of the approaching human annihilation up in the air.

Westworld premiered in 2016 and zeroed in on a Wild West-themed entertainment mecca possessed by robots that parkgoers could collaborate and pretend with.

Jonathn Nolan and Lisa Bliss occupied with the realistic Aftermath series for Prime Video which uncovered its memorable look as of late as a feature of the 25th commemoration for Aftermath.